Thursday, October 14, 2021

What is Accomplished by Teaching Courage in Montessori Kindergarten?

What is Accomplished by Teaching Courage in Montessori Kindergarten? - Montessori kindergarten in Agoura

At Montessori Kindergarten in Agoura Hills, children learn how to be active members of their school, families, and community. This includes learning how to interact socially and developing the confidence to react appropriately in different types of situations.

Facing Fears

We all have fears and for some people they are debilitating. Helping children learn to face their fears head-on during their years at Montessori Kindergarten in Agoura Hills builds a critical thinking foundation they can rely on throughout their lives. This can be done through communication and activities that look at those fears as harmless or even comical manifestations.

Helping Others

Helping others with projects requires self-sacrifice, and involves the courage to give without expectation. It teaches teamwork and helps the child develop empathy for others. Helping others is an extension of learning to share, a critical developmental milestone most children reach shortly before moving up to the kindergarten environment.

Speaking to Groups

For many children who are shy or reserved, the missing ingredient is the courage to assert themselves and make their voices heard. It can be intimidating to speak to a group of people, but learning to do so is important for healthy emotional development.

Nobody is Perfect

Nobody is perfect, but owning up to our mistakes is sometimes hard to do. It takes courage to admit guilt and even more courage to be able to apologize and ask for forgiveness. Children can learn this by example, and family members or other role models should take care to ask forgiveness for their own mistakes to reinforce the idea. Having the courage to admit their errors helps children empathize with others and offer forgiveness when it is due. Courage is an important trait because it has a strong influence on a child’s self-esteem, leading to a more open and responsible attitude. The sky's the limit for every child, by developing that willingness to take the first steps.