Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Elementary Art Class: Holiday Crafts

Art plays a vital role in your Montessori elementary child’s development. Children use art to express feelings, explore creative mediums, and expand their imagination. During the holidays, supplying the themed materials encourages creativity and learning.

Introducing Yoga and Meditation to your Child

It is never to soon to introduce your kids to yoga and meditation. Not only are they great for childhood development, they also provide a great opportunity for families to come together. Morning calisthenics or evening meditation routines are beneficial for everyone in the family. Just as Montessori extends to life at home, yoga and meditation work best when it is a consistent part of the daily routine.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Montessori Reading Tips for your Preschooler

The world has moved into a digital age where words on a screen are inescapable. In order to give your preschooler the best advantage later, helping them learn to read at an early age is important. The student guides at school will do their best to help out, but reading often begins at home.

Giving Back this Holiday Season

The holiday season is full of opportunities to express how one feels about another, show respect and care for others. The Montessori curriculum uses this season to increase your child's awareness of those in their lives they are grateful for and those in their environment who have needs that are not being met. Even though every season of the year deserves attention for those in need of services or items, there are unique opportunities for your child to give back during the holiday season.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Developing a Life-Long Love of Learning through Montessori Teaching

Montessori teaching has several differences in foundational concepts from traditional teaching methods. One of its most basic differences is that this method of teaching breaks students into three Montessori educational programs based on children’s developmental stages (as opposed to age) moving from concrete learning to more abstract learning, with schools typically working with children from 3-12 years of age. But the application of the Montessori method in teaching has many more nuanced deviations that work together to create an environment that is characterized by guided exploration and unhindered curiosity - key components in cultivating a child’s life-long love of learning.