Sunday, October 21, 2018

Fall Crafts to Try with your Kindergartner

Fall is an amazing time for crafting with your kindergartner. Fall introduces new colors with the changing leaves, new activities such as harvesting vegetables, and this season has several exciting holidays. Together, these create a lot of fun opportunities for your little one to get involved in crafting and connect with the season. Many fall crafts also fit within the classroom, such as Montessori schools, where the craft project can be part of a larger activity learning about the background theme of the crafts.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Assessing your Elementary Student after the First Semester of School

Montessori elementary schools do not use a list of topics that all children must learn at the same time. Montessori student assessments cover many non-academic aspects of education as well, limiting the value of traditional report cards. Instead, parent-student-teacher conferences are arranged where the student guide can give you first-hand observation information on your elementary child’s development.

Family Friendly Fall Activities in the Bay Area

Fall is a great time to get the family out of the house. The San Francisco Bay Area provides a plethora of child and family-oriented events and places to explore. Many of them are open year-round or holding seasonal exhibits and activities as they occur. Whether you prefer the outdoors or an interior adventure, the items mentioned here are bound to interest your whole family.

Fall Back: Safety Tips for Evening Activities

As the days get shorter, children will be engaged in more evening and nighttime activities. Halloween, for example, will see children roaming neighborhoods and attending festivals by the thousands. For parents, the primary goal is to make sure their kids have a good time and make it home safely when the day is done.