Sunday, January 20, 2019

Montessori Philosophy: Creating Life-Long Learners

Montessori philosophy is a special way to educate children by immersing them in activities and experiences which teach fine motor control, self-expression, and encourages children to explore topics they are interested in. As Montessori educators, our goal is to prepare children for a lifetime of learning rather than a few hours of instruction.

Outdoor Winter Fun for Kids of All Ages

Don't let Winter keep your children locked inside. There are plenty of games and hands-on activities for the ice and snow, and those who are lucky enough to live where it doesn’t snow can play regular summer games...albeit in winter attire.

Halfway Through the School Year: Checking in with your Child's Teacher

Typically, parent-teacher conferences are held on a regular basis but you have the option of having more frequent meetings if you or the teacher deem them necessary. Midway through the school year is a perfect time to schedule a meeting with your child’s teacher to get an idea of how well your child is developing through the Montessori Method. When you meet with the teacher, be sure to inquire about observations regarding things like the following.