Sunday, April 29, 2018

Graduate School: Prepare for Acceptance by Enrolling in Leveling Courses

Deciding to pursue a career in speech therapy is an exciting first step to a rewarding new career. Speech therapy is a rapidly growing field, with the Bureau of Labor and Statistics projecting a much higher than the average 18% growth by 2026. It is also a field changing as new research and technologies emerge, which have the potential to revolutionize methodologies in the coming years. For a career centered on improving other's lives, speech therapy has everything going for it and Eastern New Mexico University's CDIS leveling program brings a new career closer than ever.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Help your Kindergartner Get Organized

Visiting a different country can be startling. Suddenly ordering a meal and negotiating traffic have become difficult tasks. Yet, with enough time, those tasks would become as straightforward as they are at home.

Being able to organize and interpret information into recognizable patterns allows us to forget about how much information we receive every day and focus on what we are trying to get done. Being a kindergartner must be a lot like stepping off the plane in a new country, a world overflowing with new information. Organization, like any other skill, is teachable to kids but requires practice, support, and patience. Here are a few ideas to help your kindergartner get organized.

Reading Comprehension Tips for Students of All Ages

Reading comprehension is a process that all students must go through. The first stage is to understand how words are put together, and then tie the sounds of different letters into the framework of language. Beyond that, the reader needs to learn the parts of speech and the things to look for in every story, and that will set the stage for better comprehension and a growing vocabulary.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Spring Break Fun in the Bay Area

Spring break ushers in the summer for the Bay Area. Instead of the party spots, families can enjoy mini spring break vacations at places in and around San Francisco. Everything seems to come to life at this time of year, so we have selected a “Life” themed assortment of family-friendly day trips with something for everyone.  Spending time outdoors with hands-on activities is sure to be fun for all.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Employment Diversity in Higher Education

Diversity in our workplaces is a crucial component to bringing the range of perspectives from communities into each profession.  It’s important for current and future generations that multiple viewpoints are incorporated into workplace decisions. This allows for norms and initiatives to evolve as more opinions become integrated into processes. Additionally, it’s important for young people to have role models and be inspired. The more diverse a profession is, the more likely a young person can find someone they identify with and are inspired by.