Thursday, September 16, 2021

3 Popular Halloween Alternatives Loved By Preschool Children

Montessori preschool Agoura

 The frightening aspects of Halloween are generally avoided by your Montessori preschool in Agoura. Instead, more focus is put on the bounty of the harvest and all of the good things that come during the fall. To that end, we have come up with 3 wonderful ways to celebrate the season without resorting to imaginary ghosts and goblins.

  1. Visit a Farm

All kids, even those attending Montessori preschool, love to visit farms. Farms are bustling with activity during the autumn season, from harvesting to putting up hay, to everything else that happens on a farm. Kids will enjoy seeing the animals, going for a hayride, or traipsing through a corn or sunflower maze. Call around to find the type of activities your kids prefer and then plan for a day of adventure.

  1. Prepare Harvested Goods

Shelling peas, cleaning out a pumpkin, and husking corn are all exciting activities for preschool children. This gives them valuable practical experience and offers a glimpse into what it is like to live on a farm. Best of all, you can make recipes with the results of the labor, from pumpkin cookies and pies to corn dishes-- all the result of fun activity.

  1. Hold a Festival

You do not have to put on a festival for the whole community, just a small gathering for some of the local children. Games include things like potato races, pin the hat on the scarecrow, and other seasonal pastimes. Refreshments should also be seasonal favorites, including things like apple juice and pumpkin cookies. Make it a more personal affair by having the attending children decorate before the festivities!

Celebrating the season doesn’t mean you are limited to scary things. There are many parts of the season that offer nourishment and excitement and discovery for young minds to get involved in. Small children have very little experience with the larger world, so everything you do to enlighten them opens up their lives for even more to learn. Make Autumn a season of learning for the whole family!