Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Why Are Decision & Consequences Games Important For Private Kindergarten Children?

Why Are Decision & Consequences Games Important For Private Kindergarten Children
In preschool and private kindergarten, children begin to explore the importance of making good decisions. This gives them a foundation to build on as they get older and helps them temper the disappointment of decisions that go awry.

Choices Make A Difference

Chocolate or vanilla? Red or blue? The choices private kindergarten children make will impact their actions, from choosing a tasty treat to deciding on a book or toy to play with. Playing games based on the consequences of decisions is great practice for making real-life decisions and helps children understand that each choice has its own consequences.

Consistency Counts

When helping children learn the importance of decision-making, it is important to maintain a consistent approach. A decision that didn’t turn out well in the game today should have the same results tomorrow and in the future. From deciding whether to play catch or read a book to offering to play with this child over another, consistency helps children learn about the ramifications of their choices.

The Power of Positive Thinking

When teaching children about decisions and consequences, parents and teachers need to provide positive responses even when the consequences aren’t as great as they could be. Maybe the choice didn’t work out well this time, but at least they will be aware of what that decision means in the future, and they can make a better choice for having made a lesser one this time.

Appropriate vs. Inappropriate

How children respond to the consequences of their decisions needs to be moderated as well. It is okay to be a little disappointed that she missed a catch, but it is inappropriate for her to cry or throw a tantrum just because this was not her lucky day. 

By the time they enter private kindergarten, children have already become aware that the choices they make affect them. Playing games that rely on making decisions helps them hone their critical thinking skills and consider how choices will affect the game from that decision to the next. Providing them with games that require careful consideration encourages them to think about what they are doing before taking action.