Friday, March 5, 2021

How Does Learning from the Outdoors Help Private Kindergartners?


How Does Learning from the Outdoors Help Private Kindergartners

Going outside offers a number of benefits to private kindergartners. Fresh air and sunshine are obvious factors, but the outdoors has many educational and developmental aspects as well. At school or at home, arranging for more outside time is an important part of education.

The Nature of Math

There are countless opportunities for counting, sorting, and other private kindergarten math operations outdoors. Counting trees or rocks is fun, but children will also enjoy sorting leaves, counting insects, and looking for different types of flowers. From the most basic math activities to the complicated formulas of the physical sciences, math permeates the natural world.

How Things Work

Getting outside is an opportunity for children to explore and to analyze the world they live in. From watching water flowing in a streambed to observing wildflowers emerging and blossoming, nature is an educational science bonanza. The learning doesn’t end with biology, either, because kids can also learn about weather patterns, what causes rain or dew, and much, much more.

Team Projects

It can be difficult to arrange team-based activities inside because of concerns over space or noise. Outside, pairing children up into teams lets them develop physical skills, explore social skills, and release some of that pent-up noise they have been holding back inside. Running, jumping, and taking turns offer plenty of personal benefits that expand their abilities and understanding of social situations.

Exploring Natural Cycles

The changing of seasons means different types of birds and animals in the park, different phases for plant life, and changes in temperature, rainfall, and more. Exploring these seasonal changes helps children learn about natural cycles year-round, and allows them to make comparisons between natural cycles and other cycles such as holidays and birthdays.

Weekend visits to forests and parks are perfect for giving private kindergarten children a chance to run, play, and explore. But even a visit to the local parks or a stroll along shorelines introduces children to a myriad of new information about their world and helps them understand the processes at work all around them.