Monday, December 14, 2020

How To Teach Toddlers to Share With Exciting Winter Break Games

How To Teach Toddlers to Share With Exciting Winter Beak Games - Montessori Daycare- Montessori West.jpg

The winter break should be a lapse in learning for Montessori daycare kids. Instead, turn holiday activities into learning opportunities for your child, showing her that acts of kindness are a type of game where everyone wins. From giving love during Christmas to coming up with upbeat and active positive ideas for the new year, keep your children thinking and active over the break.

Christmas Is For Giving

Making gifts for others is an exciting game that Montessori daycare students will love. It is important that children learn that the Christmas season is about giving. From artwork to sweet treats they helped make themselves, children are naturally inclined to share, and participating in Christmas giving provides the incentive to do so. Not everyone celebrates Christmas, but everyone appreciates the kindness of others.

New Year’s Is For Positive Thinking

In the new year, we ring out the old and welcome the new. One way to turn this into a game is to set resolutions for the year or to make drawings of happy things the kids plan to do in the coming year. Be sure to provide encouragement and positive comments so your children know their work is appreciated.

Courtesy and Grace

The holiday season is a time of being nice to others. Whether it is doing something nice for others, sharing a favorite toy, gratefully accepting the things given to them, daycare children are eager to join in games of giving, grace, and social interaction. Because courtesy and grace are a fundamental part of the Montessori Method, there are many activities designed around learning to be polite and respectable

Sharing is an important part of social development, and some children will need more practice than others. Sharing is caring, as the saying goes, and children enjoy helping and sharing when given the incentive to do so. From January through December, every day is a great day to be kind to others.