Friday, June 12, 2020

Games and Activities to Teach Your Toddler Good Manners

Games and Activities to Teach Your Toddler Good Manners-Montessori daycare-Montessori West

The idea that children are not born knowing how to socially interact is at the core of the Montessori daycare approach to Grace and Courtesy. Similarly, children learn more readily by taking part in play-based activities that are chosen for their educational value. Here are some activities you can do with your child at home that reinforce good manners and acceptable social behavior.

Be the Role Model

Parents are the first source of information for Montessori daycare students. They will try to mimic the things you do, the things you say, and how you interact with other people. Make a game of saying please and thank you at every opportunity, and comment positively when you notice your daughter being polite spontaneously.

Tea Party Etiquette

A child’s tea party, either alone or with friends, is a wonderful opportunity to practice good manners. Setting the table, offering tea and a snack to the other attendees (even the stuffed ones!), cleaning up messes when they happen are all processes that reinforce the need to behave in a socially correct way.

Social Graces

Practicing social behavior at home is important. Public courtesies like placing your face in the crook of your arm when you cough, or using a handkerchief when you sneeze are tasks that are perfectly suited to dress-up, and play-acting games. For as long as COVID-19 remains an issue, knowing how, when, and why to wear a face mask is another critical lesson that can be practiced for fun at home and recreated for safety when leaving a safe environment.

Communication Central

Learning to voice reactions in a normal tone, or resolve emotional displays in a calm voice requires practice, and can be put to the test by playing what-if games. Common social etiquette like sharing and asking for permission should be a naturally occurring part of any play activities. In this way, using good manners will become a normal process and will happen automatically during the course of events. A key component of a Montessori daycare is that the staff strives to be a positive example. Similarly, the most important activities to teach your child good manners are your own actions. When make being polite and acting in a calm, rational manner the visible form of interaction, your child will pick up on what you say or do.