Friday, September 11, 2020

How to Maximize a Kindergartner's Absorbent Mind

How to Maximize a Kindergartner's Absorbent Mind - private kindergarten - Montessori West

Maria Montessori recognized the sensitive period she coined the Absorbent Mind in children of preschool and private kindergarten age. The term describes the way that children are soaking up knowledge about everything from social interaction to manipulating the world they live in. By maximizing on that absorbent mind, are better able to achieve developmental goals and gain useful knowledge.

Decisions and Preferences

During this important phase, private kindergartners are developing critical thinking skills. You can maximize this by encouraging your son to make decisions and discussing-- rather than dictating-- alternate solutions to behavioral issues. This is the period when children are willing to try new things, so offer him options to achieve his goals and help him discover things that he does and does not like to do.


Variety and Engagement

The world is still a mostly huge and unknown environment for private kindergarten students. The more you expose your daughter to new experiences, tastes, and activities, the more robust her physical, mental, and emotional skills will be. One of the basic tenets of the Montessori Method is that children learn best when they are engaged in activities that teach and entertain.


Independence and Inclusion

Simultaneously, the absorbent mind is discovering what the child can do on her own and learning to be part of larger groups like her family and private kindergarten. Allow your girl time to focus on activities she is engrossed in, just like the uninterrupted work blocks she has at school. Similarly, include her in family-oriented discussions and activities like a stroll in the park. These things teach her self-reliance as well as adjusting socially as part of a team.


The Natural World

Make forays into nature a regular part of your son’s routines. Walks in the forest, collecting shells on the beach, and discovering the myriads life forms living in the back yard all appeal to the absorbent mind that is striving to make sense of the world and fit it into his self-awareness. 

Giving the absorbent mind of your son or daughter plenty of opportunity to gain substance is the most valuable method of maximizing the most important learning phase of life. Maximizing that absorbent mind establishes a foundation for learning that will last a lifetime.