Wednesday, September 2, 2020

The Value of Montessori Principles in Private Daycare

The Value of Montessori Principles in Private Daycare - Montessori daycare - Montessori West

The 7 Montessori principles are the backbone of authentic Montessori, designed to reach beyond the private daycare environment into the home and neighborhood. These principles were carefully established as the process for developing children interested in learning and conscious of their individual roles. Such valuable traits provide immeasurable benefits that build self-esteem, physical ability, and academic success. 

  1. Respect for the child - A child that is treated with respect will show respect to others. A Montessori daycare values individuality and personal choice. Respecting the needs of the individual is central to motivating a child’s natural curiosity and independence. 

  2. Sensitive Periods - Sometimes referred to as developmental milestones, sensitive periods are critical to childhood development. The first period begins at birth and follows through the first 5 years of a child’s life. During this time, children learn to think critically, achieve physical tasks, and mesh with the children and adults in their personal sphere. 

  3. The Absorbent Mind - Because the first sensitive period involves the absorbent mind, this phase is dedicated to introducing children to the concepts that will guide them through the remaining periods of their lives. Your child will learn the value of interaction, investigation, and personal accomplishment, among other skills. 

  4. Teaching Roles - Montessori teachers are not dictators commanding children to learn specific information. Instead, they act as observant guides who provide encouragement and assistance. Helping children master personal progress provides a valuable incentive for future accomplishment.

  5. Montessori Materials - Montessori uses a well-defined set of entertaining and educational tools for children to learn from. These tools are self-correcting and fun, giving young children the confidence to learn without fear of ridicule. 

  6. Prepared Environment - Designed to encourage your child’s curiosity, the prepared environment also instills a sense of logical progression. Unlike other institutions, the Montessori classroom is built to the children’s scale so that it will be accessible to all. 

  7. Work Cycles - Not every child learns at the same pace. To accommodate this, the daily schedule includes extended “work blocks” where your son can focus on a single task, or move from one task to another after achieving success.

Your Montessori daycare is dedicated to childhood development. It is concerned with the whole child, from physical development to intellectual improvement and practical life experience. It teaches young children to be considerate, to think critically, and personal traits such as responsibility and community involvement.