Wednesday, April 15, 2020

How to Motivate Your Montessori Preschooler's Love for Learning

How to Motivate Your Montessori Preschooler's Love for Learning - montessori preschool - Montessori Fremont

All children have a natural love for learning, and Montessori preschools focus on that to motivate learning. Children begin as a clean slate with endless questions about the world around them, and that immediate interest can be built on to reinforce their love of learning. These tips should help you get your child motivated, and keep her that way.

Communicate and Guide

Montessori preschoolers are full of questions that should be answered honestly and completely. In doing so, you will come to see where her interests lie and develop an idea of how you can guide her towards a love of learning. Keep in mind that your daughter’s level of experience can be counted in months, and stay patient as she hits you with an endless barrage of trivial pursuits.

Integrate Her Interests

Having discovered where her interests lie, you can build activities and projects around that core so that your daughter remains interested and invested in what she is learning. Learn how to pronounce, spell, and write the words for her interests, in that order. You will discover she learns to spell her favorite words easier than she would a list words that are chosen seemingly at random.

Focus on the Process

Teach your daughter how to find answers and solve problems. If you provide her with the tools to explore her world, she will use them. If she seems to be getting frustrated with one approach, suggest trying others and work out the reasoning behind different methods working for different subjects. Teach her the process of teaching herself and guide her in reaching her personal goals rather than arbitrary benchmarks.

Maria Montessori recognized that children who are provided with the right tools and patient guidance excel in learning. The Montessori Method is built around that philosophy, using play-based activities that allow children to learn a variety of subjects at their own pace.