Monday, April 13, 2020

6 Tips for Developing a Toddler's Manners

Montessori preschool - 6 Tips for Developing a Toddler's Manners

Even during Montessori preschool interruptions like we are seeing today, it is important that toddlers continue learning and developing everything from fine motor skills to social interaction. Teaching young children to use appropriate behavior takes time and effort but the benefits of doing so are immeasurable.

  1. Managing Expectations

  2. Toddlers may not be developed enough for complete social etiquette. Most experts agree that children don’t understand the mechanism of sharing until they are around 3, but they can begin learning to ask for permission much earlier.

  3. Just the Basics

  4. Simple things like exchanging greetings, asking for permission, and understanding that it is not polite to interrupt are great places to start teaching manners. Don’t expect your little one to grasp the nuances right away, but provide ongoing positive reinforcement when they do.

  5. Grace and Courtesy

  6. Grace and Courtesy are a foundation of the Montessori Method, taught as part of the practical life experiences necessary to be a responsible member of the community. This includes things like learning not to interrupt others, sharing, and polite interaction.

  7. Teach By Example

  8. You are the best role model for your child. Give thanks for kind deeds, ask politely for assistance, and be the person you want your child to become.

  9. Consistency Counts

Learning to show good manners is a full-time lesson. When children see manners being used randomly or only in select circumstances, they learn that being polite is optional, and that leads to slower social development. Avoid Rewards and Punishments - Proper etiquette should be considered a part of everyday life and not a means to get attention or gather praise. Instead of punishments or rewards, try talking about good behavior and discuss why it is appropriate, helping your child think of better responses that are more fitting to the situation. 

Learning to exhibit good social behavior takes time at home and in the Montessori preschool. It will require you to be patient and to set aside time for exploring what etiquette means and how it can be used effectively. Avoid becoming upset or angry if your child seems to regress on occasion, providing calm and informative examples and instruction instead.