Sunday, June 23, 2019

Water Safety Tips for your Little Swimmer

Water is fascinating for children who may not be aware of the dangers it poses. Your private elementary school children will benefit from observing some simple safety tips designed both for parents and children. These tips will help you and your children enjoy safe outings this summer.

The Buddy System

It is a great idea for anyone who gets in the water to be accompanied by someone else. Having a buddy along will reduce the dangers of drowning and provide faster attention is something goes wrong. At home, parents should observe the Buddy System as a matter of example, and always have the child or others along during pool time. For Montessori preschool students, the buddy system can be thought of as an extension of sharing and interacting in the classroom.

Avoid Temptation from Toys

Toys left in the pool after playtime is over can be dangerous. A small child may notice a floating toy or object and get into trouble while innocently trying to recover it. To avoid this, always make sure the pool is free of floating devices and tempting toys when the pool is not in use.

Supervise Constantly

There is no substitute for supervision at the poolside. Dire situations can pop up at a moment’s notice, and only a responsible adult at the scene will make things turn out happily. It is better to pause the water play when you have to walk away or use the phone and could make all the difference in the world. There will be plenty of opportunities to play when you are present and alert.

Fences and Locks

Many locations have community laws and regulations in place to help protect children. A suitable fence around the pool area is always a good idea, for example. Additionally, install child-proof locks and other hardware to prevent entry when no one is around. Because most clasps and catches can be logically deduced, the best option is to always use a locking mechanism which requires a key or combination to open.

 The American Red Cross has put together a detailed list of water safety tips with more advice regarding children and how to prevent drowning. Don’t overlook the value of professional swimming lessons, either, especially with little ones who are just getting acquainted with the pool.