Monday, June 17, 2019

Early Summer Activities to do with Your Preschooler

Montessori preschool puts a lot of emphasis on doing things. During the summer break, it is important to keep up the discovery process by introducing your children to new things and concepts, and practicing concepts that have already been learned. These basic outdoor ideas make a great starting point for organizing early summer activities.

Backyard Discovery

Your yard contains a plethora of things to be experienced. Children will enjoy finding new insects and then learning about their finds, or finding out about the different kinds of plants and where they grow. Because there is so much to discover, you can enjoy multiple days of outdoor fun by choosing different subjects to learn about such as insects, birds, trees, and flowers.

Random Activity Selection

Carefully write a single activity on each of a dozen or more popsicle sticks. When your little one begins to show boredom, allow him to randomly select an activity stick and perform that project. Mix up the activities, including new concepts with performing daily activities like organizing their room or helping prepare a meal.

Shapes of Sand

A sandbox and some cookie cutters make the start of an enjoyable day outside. Children can use damp sand and the cookie cutters to create basic shapes, and you can help them learn about shape recognition by discussing the descriptive aspects of every shape she creates. Advanced sandbox play might include a game of making different shapes by hand and comparing them to the cookie cutter versions.

Picnic Lunch

Let your little one help you put together a picnic lunch. He can help spread peanut butter and jelly, put apple or carrot slices in a container, or pack the lunch before you leave home. After the picnic, consider visiting a library or museum and learn about favorite finger foods from around the world or other information related to picnicking. If you provide your little children with a broad assortment of summer activities you can prevent the summer doldrums and promote the concept of life as a learning experience. It is okay to do the same activities more than once, but try to come up with enough different projects to keep preschoolers interested and looking forward to each day’s activities.