Wednesday, June 19, 2019

A Typical Day at Montessori School

The important thing to remember about Montessori daycare and preschool is that the teacher’s role is to guide and assist, not direct and focus. Aside from the times when the class participates as a group, the teacher may be assisting one child on her project while observing the other students. Having multi-age classrooms helps in this respect by allowing older, more experienced children to assist their younger classmates when the student guide is occupied with another task.

Morning Work Schedule

Montessori daycare sessions begin with welcomes and greetings between the student guides, students, and parents. This is typically followed by a group session as the students begin choosing their morning activities, followed by an extended period of individual and partnered work while the student guides provide more in-depth instruction to students who require it. Midmorning Gatherings After the morning work schedule, most Montessori classrooms hold a gathering where the class interacts, sharing their work, discussing upcoming events, or participating in storytelling or music/singalong activities.

Lunch and Outdoor Time

As the midmorning gathering draws to a close, the class prepares to either go home (half day students), or prepare and eat lunch. This part of the day includes recess or outdoor time where the children are allowed to play or explore individually or in groups. Student guides may define small groups for some activities, but children are given the freedom to choose when and how they will participate.

Afternoon Work Schedule

The final portion of the day is another self-study period. Children will return to previous projects or take up new ones, guided by the teacher but given the freedom to choose what to do and how long they wish to do it. The day ends with hearty farewells and short discussions between guides, parents, and students. You can adopt a schedule at home which is similar to the Montessori day. In place of self-study, your little ones may assist you in daily chores, enjoy any manner of play-based learning activities, or learn about the world at large through visits to local crafts, trade, and science institutions.