Thursday, May 2, 2019

Is my Child Ready for Kindergarten?

It can be a big step going from preschool into Montessori kindergarten. The curriculum is more structured, and children are expected to apply more of their time to learning activities, something which is less distinctive in Montessori classrooms where play-based learning is the rule. To help you decide whether your child is ready to take that step, we have compiled some helpful information for you to consider.

Talk to the Staff

Your child’s preschool teacher can be a big help in making the decision to move up to Montessori kindergarten. She has been monitoring his progress since he joined the class and can offer advice on his progress. Keep in mind that preschool and kindergarten blend together in the Montessori environment, so the change is not very dramatic.

Necessary Achievements

There are some things a child needs to master before moving up to kindergarten. This includes such things as:

  • Able to accurately write her first and last name
  • Can identify basic shapes, colors, letters, and numbers up to 10
  • Is able to tell simple stories and recognize rhyming sounds
  • Can put on outer clothing and use the restroom independently
  • Listen to storytime quietly for 10-15 minutes
  • Can solve simple problems calmly
  • Is able to follow simple instructions

Social Interaction

Being able to interact with teachers and other students is critical for entry into kindergarten. This includes the ability to take turns, share items with other students, and listen to other children speaking without interrupting or causing a disturbance. Kindergarten encourages more independence than preschool and he needs to be self-sufficient and patient enough to handle the responsibility.

Cut-Off Ages

September 1st is the cutoff date for children to turn 5 and enter kindergarten. If your child does not turn 5 until after that date, then he won’t be allowed to move up to kindergarten until the following school year. Additionally, some research has shown that boys mature a little more slowly and may need extra time to achieve the goals required for kindergarten. Your preschool teacher can help determine where he stands in this regard.

Kindergarten is the first step into “big kids school.” Making sure your child is ready will benefit him by ensuring that he has mastered basic skills and developmental goals. Keep in mind that all children mature at different speeds, and refrain from pushing your child to be more than he is socially or mentally prepared to be.,