Sunday, April 21, 2019

5 Toddler Friendly Apps for your Preschooler

One way to supplement your child’s preschool education is to provide him with a few toddler-friendly apps that will make good use of his online play. Simple activities like alphabet games, beginner’s math, and learning social skills are all excellent examples of apps suitable for preschoolers, and we have selected a handful of popular apps to help your child get started.

1.     Montessorium: Intro to Math
This entertaining app was built with the Montessori preschool student in mind. It provides a set of activities which teach children their basic numbers and simple math concepts. If your child enjoys this play-based app, Montessorium has an assortment of other learning games available as well.

2.     Monkey Preschool Lunchbox
This app contains a collection of 6 games designed especially for preschoolers. There are no menus for your little one to navigate, and lots of colorful shapes, sounds and more to keep her entertained as she learns. Kids learn about colors, counting, letters, and much more.

3.     Metamorphabet
This colorful game teaches children letters by learning which animal names begin with different ones. The teaching process is disguised as a playful game which kids of all ages will enjoy. Best of all, Metamorphabet is available for most platforms, including your home PC or Mac.

4.     Originator - Endless Alphabet
Children will not be hampered by high scores, time limits, or losses when they play this exciting game of letters and words. In the process of endless hours of fun, your preschooler will learn her letters and build her vocabulary. The game contains more than 70 words for your little one to start learning right away.

5.     Breathe, Think, Do
Available for Apple and Android devices, this game teaches small children how to deal with potentially uncomfortable social situations by taking a breath, thinking of the appropriate response, and then following through with decisive action.

The apps presented here are a great place to start teaching your preschooler important educational skills as well as becoming familiar with using a smartphone. Mobile communications are changing the world we live in, and teaching your children how to use interactive media today will prepare them for the world of tomorrow.

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