Friday, May 10, 2019

How Do I Reinforce the Montessori Method at Home?

Just as we strive to put forth a good example in the Montessori preschool, you should make it a practice to be your child’s role model at home. She is going to to look up to you regardless of how you behave, so making sure she sees you doing positive things and working out problems in a considerate manner reinforces her desire to get along with others.

Preparing an Environment

Maria Montessori believed that one of the most important aspects in assisting child development was the environment. The child’s designated domain should be designed to the scale of the child’s view and reach, and distractions for the child in that space should be kept to a minimum. At home, this generally translates into scaling the furniture and decorations in your daughter’s room, even pictures on the wall, down to her level and helping her make sure that the area is tidy and organized.

Keep It Simple

Make sure that your child understands what is expected, but be gentle and encouraging in doing so. In Montessori preschool, we avoid presenting her with too many projects, and talk with her often about tasks which seem to be causing difficulty. Your child is discovering an entire world, and piling too many mundane things on her plate at once may be detrimental to development and curiosity.

Praise Over Punishment

Children thrive on praise and rebel against ridicule, so look for the positive aspects of her daily tasks and work out the things which need work in a positive way. Instead of dictating how things must be, talk about issues calmly and in an encouraging manner. When you build her self-esteem, you are promoting open investigation and diligence.


Children put more effort into their actions when they feel appreciated. Include your child in daily tasks such as helping in the kitchen, feeding the pet, or picking up in the yard. Not only does this help her learn to work with others, the various tasks in your home routine will be educational, such as learning measurements and understanding the passage of time.
At home and in school the key elements of the Montessori method remain the same. Whether you are reading a book to her or preparing dinner with her assistance, the most important thing you can do is to include her by asking questions, requesting assistance, or praising her for her efforts.