Monday, March 18, 2019

Outdoor Fun: New Outdoor Games to try this Spring

To supplement their daycare and preschool curriculum, consider some engaging activities to encourage your children to go out and play. Because play-based learning is the best way to learn-- and instill a love of the learning process-- some outdoor playtime fun will excite children and teach them a bit of science in the process.

Gone Fishing

This game requires a fishing pole for toddlers or a rod and reel for older kids. Tie a nut or washer to the end of the fishing line. Use rope, stones or other items to mark out “sweet spots” and then have the children take turns trying to get as close to the target as they can. This game helps build hand-eye coordination and teaches children to aim for-- and eventually hit-- a desired target.

Go Fly a Kite

While not precisely a game, flying kites is an enjoyable springtime activity with the added benefit of teaching children science concepts like identifying wind direction and basic physical laws. Older children may want to experiment with building kites, but smaller ones will be more interested in running around and learning how to get a ready-made kite to stay aloft for a while.

Balloon Games

Whether you are keeping score like this game, or trying to hit a target with an object anchored to an inflated balloon, yard games involving balloons are both enjoyable and educational. Investigate how varying weights affect the distance a balloon can be thrown, or experiment with how much weight is necessary to keep a helium-filled balloon from rising into the air.

Disc Golf

Small children may not be ready for professional disc golf, but they will enjoy trying to hit a target with a flying disc. Place various objects around the yard and take turns trying to land the disc as close as possible. As with the other activities listed here, this game combines science and fun for the whole family.
The games listed above make a great starting point for outdoor fun, but feel free to adjust the games to incorporate other lessons. The key to success in a montessori elementary school is to keep your children engaged and entertained while learning about the world they live in.