Monday, March 11, 2019

Instill a Love of Learning in Your Child Starting in Preschool

Children start out with a natural interest in learning, and your Montessori preschool nurtures that interest rather than promoting rote-memorization as a learning process. To do that, they use the Montessori Method to instill a love of the learning process, allowing children to develop their own learning patterns and subject interests as they progress.

Relevance Matters

Show your children how the things they learn can make a difference in their lives. Counting coins helps them decide on treats to buy, for example, or adding the right amount of sweetener makes the kool aid taste more appetizing. When kids understand how learning things can make life better or easier they will be more interested in the learning process.

Ask Every Question

Kids are born with a curiosity about the world they live in. Encourage your son to ask questions, and ask him questions that motivate learning. When you take the time to ask and answer questions, you are showing him that being inquisitive helps him discover new things. Don’t turn his life into a continuous test, but make it obvious that investigation and exploration will broaden his figurative horizons.

Listen, Watch, Inspire and Assist

By paying attention to the things which interest your child, you can help her be more interested in the learning process. Make her favorite materials available, and listen to her wants and concerns. If you take an active interest in her active interests, you demonstrate to her that she matters and that helps her become more confident in making decisions and choosing her own educational patterns.

Encourage Rather Than Force

If you transform the learning process into an exciting and entertaining adventure, children will want more of it. One of the problems with traditional educational systems is that the whole learning process has been put on a schedule which children are forced to abide or be left behind. Instead, encourage your children’s interest and make educational materials available without forcing them to study this subject and work on that task.

Perhaps the most important thing you can do to encourage your child to enjoy learning is to enjoy learning new things yourself. Instead of sending your child down the educational path alone, go with her and allow her learning process to be yours as well. After all, what she sees you taking an interest in is going to naturally be an inspiration for her.