Monday, March 25, 2019

Earth Day Projects for Children ages 3-12

Earth Day is celebrated on April 22, 2019, and provides students and families with an opportunity to take part in preserving and protecting the environment. At your child’s private elementary school the day is often associated with planting trees or other growing things, but it is equally important to reduce refuse and clean up our local areas. We’ve put together some fun projects that you can do with your children to show them the importance of protecting our planet.

Recycled Wind Chime

Earth Day activities are the kind of play-based learning found at an authentic Montessori elementary school. Children can collect aluminum, plastic, and glass to make their own unique wind chimes out of discarded material. Each child will have a different creative approach, and the finished products will produce a wide variety of sounds based on which materials were used. For additional decoration, they can pick flowers or find other natural items that can be tied or pasted onto the recycled wind chime.

Planting and Growing

Flower seeds, onions, and potatoes are all easy items to plant, and they can be started inside the home or classroom. Regardless of whether they are sowing a handful of seeds or planting a tree, making an activity out of planting a growing thing is sure to entertain and interest children of all ages. Keeping a gardening journal even incorporates reading and writing into your Earth Day activities.

Earth Day Events

There will be events all over the Bay Area for Earth Day. From entertaining festivals to community clean up events, there will be activities, games and take-home projects for everyone to take part in. There will be a beach cleanup in Berkley, and a festival in Cupertino, to name only a couple of events celebrating Earth Day this year.

The best approach to protecting the world we live in is to make preservation an ongoing event in our children’s lives. Even more importantly, these activities give children an absorbing way to learn about nature and the roles human beings play in reducing waste and conserving resources.