Monday, November 19, 2018

Southern California: Employment Opportunities in Higher Education

When you are ready to make that career change, the Southern California Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC) is ready to assist you with helpful tools to make the right move in higher education. Whether you are looking for administrative or staff roles, they have an impressive variety of member institutions related to higher education for you to search through for your next job.

HERC can assist couples who are looking for a change as well. Use their search engines to find new opportunities in yours and your partner’s desired employment field. Don't keep struggling through each day doing a job that doesn't meet your skill levels - make the move today and let the Southern California HERC guide you to a successful future.

What Intangible Qualities are Employers Looking For?
At Southern California HERC, you receive advice from experienced, professional staff who understand what it takes to make a career change. Their resources help you learn what employers are looking for in candidates that make them potential new hires. There are the obvious tools such as a great resume which is backed with good references, but there's more than what you put on paper that will make you a great candidate.

Managers look for emotional intelligence in candidates, meaning you have the capability to control, express, and be aware of your emotions. They look for applicants who can handle interpersonal relationships using good judgement and empathy. Flexibility is a plus when you can demonstrate how you are able to maintain organization while continuing to be flexible and open.

These qualifications are needed in higher education careers as there is a need for respect and compliance with all central offices within the establishment as well as a skill for operating efficiently in your individual department. When applying for a higher education position, you will want to be prepared to display these qualities. Southern California HERC will help you with these preparations.

Do You Have a CV or Resume Prepared?
Have you updated or created your resume or curriculum vitae (CV)? In either a resume or CV, you have the chance to demonstrate how you are qualified to advance into higher education positions. You are encouraged to list your experiences to date as well as the responsibilities you handled. The CV should not be a generalized sheet of information; you want to tailor it to fit the needs of the institutions you are applying to. Southern California HERC will provide you with tips to create a successful document.

Southern California HERC is waiting to help you make the best possible career change in higher education. Contact us today to see what tools we can provide to make your transition a success. It is the mission of HERC to advance equity and excellence in higher education recruitment.

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