Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Finding your Career in Greater Missouri's Higher Education

Whether you are beginning your career or starting over in a new field, finding a job in higher education in Greater Missouri area takes persistence, preparation, and patience. Job openings at a higher education institution are spread across numerous disciplines and departments. Working for a higher education institution provides employees a sense of belonging to a larger community.

Different Career Opportunities in Higher Education in the Greater Missouri Area
Attracting a diverse workforce, universities and colleges often offer comprehensivebenefits. Competitive pay, health coverage, dental and vision insurance, and discounts for university-related events are often an added incentive for working in higher education.
Along with professor and teaching assistants, open positions in higher education in the Greater Missouri area may include:
  • Admissions, financial aid officers, academic advisors, and assistants
  • Student affairs, community events, and recreational center staff
  • Coaches, assistants and other sports-related positions
  • Executive positions, administration, receptionists, clerical, and office workers
  • Human resources and human relations
  • Accounting and finance department
  • Maintenance, general labor, and janitorial
  • Food services
  • Computer programmers and technicians
Allowing you to find the best schedule for your lifestyle, job openings may range from full-time to temporary or contract positions.

Know Your Career Aspirations
Prior to beginning your job search, take the time to know your career aspirations.
  • What is your ideal job?
  • Are you willing to relocate?
  • What is the process for starting at an entry level to work your way up the ladder?
  • Do you want a chance for career growth?
  • Do you agree with mission statement and vision for the higher education institution?
  • Do you like the student atmosphere or work environment?
Every answer allows you to focus your job search to find the best fit for your career aspirations and future success.

Use Available Online Resources for Finding a Job
When finding your ideal career in higher education, job seekers benefit from online resources. A recruitment job board works with different universities and colleges to post openings in one location. Being prepared is your first step in applying for a higher education position.
  • Gather documents, transcripts (if needed), and references for your resume
  • Prepare and upload a professional resume to the recruitment site
  • Set email alerts for desire job positions in your field of choice
  • Check the job board daily
  • Compare your strengths and skill sets to the listed requirements on the job board.

Preparing for an Interview
Preparation prior to the phone, online or in-person interview is important for success.
  • Familiarize yourself with the location of the interview.
  • Do not be late for your interview.
  • Plan your outfit - dress professionally.
  • Practice and prepare responses for interview questions.
  • Be attentive, carefully listen to the questions before answering.
  • Use your manners and thank the interviewer for the chance.

Finding a career in higher education in Greater Missouri requires research and planning. When looking for a new position, using the Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC) is beneficial for finding the right job for you, allowing you to access a variety of resources in one place as you pursue a career in higher education.

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