Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Michigan Higher Education Careers: Helping you and your Partner Find Jobs

Finding a job in higher education can be challenging. Michigan's higher education job market is competitive, especially for faculty positions, and can be spread across many colleges, universities, teaching hospitals, and other institutions. The challenge is amplified when you're trying to find work for not just one person but for two, in a dual career household.

Dual Career Search
A job search site, such as the Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC), can make some of these things easier, but most general sites still require narrowing the search focus to concentrate on higher education jobs. HERC offers a database dedicated to higher education jobs, combined with all the features you're used to from mainstream job sites, such as notifications when jobs are posted, the ability to upload a resume or CV, or maintain a portfolio. Users can also browse a library of resources for jobseekers such as career advice, resume tips, interviewing techniques, and more.

HERC’s search features also includea dual career search. For dual career households in Michigan, HERC offers the ability to look for jobs in higher educationside-by-side,, helping families to relocate together. The powerful search engine enables you to enter search parameters for not just one but two positions at the same time, helping you to find work for both of you at once. This can relieve the anxiety of relocating with just one of a two-career couple working, and save you from a costly move that may or may not be in both of your best interests.

Higher Education Jobs in Michigan
Finding a new position can be both an exciting and stressful time, especially if you're relocating your entire family. Before starting to look for higher education jobs in Michigan, take the time to get organized and make sure you go into the job search fully prepared. Visit HERC today for everything you need to land faculty positions in Michigan for both you and your partner.

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