Wednesday, November 17, 2021

How Can I Help My Shy Daughter Prepare for Kindergarten?

For a small girl attending Montessori kindergarten in Agoura Hills, shyness can interfere with the normal course of her days. Luckily, this is the ideal environment for helping her with that problem. Furthermore, many of the ways her shyness can be addressed at school can also be used at home and when out with the family. Together, parents and teachers can provide the incentives and guidance she needs. 

Facing Fears

Shyness is typically one of the ways children attending Montessori Kindergarten in Agoura Hills display their fears or misgivings about strangers and strange situations. A little shyness is not necessarily a bad thing, but learning to face up to their individual fears will help even the most reserved children play a more active role at home, in the classroom, and in the community.

Practice With People

Interaction with other people is a major part of education at your Montessori Kindergarten in Agoura Hills, and should play an equal role at home. Learning to work together and communicate clearly is more than part of the curriculum, it is an important life skill that children will need throughout every stage of their lives. Practicing in the classroom helps them develop social etiquette and learn to display polite and courteous behavior when interacting with others. 

Paying at the Register

Another way to help children overcome shyness is to encourage them to interact with others. Asking your child to pay for goods puts them in a social situation where they must interact, but where they are often rewarded for the interaction by receiving a treat or some toy as part of the purchase. Paying for things has other benefits as well, including teaching your small kids to count money and discovering the importance of currency in our daily lives.

Playdates with Others

Spending time with other children in a park or on the playground teaches your daughter social etiquette, and valuable social skills like sharing, waiting in line, and more. In fact, spending more time with other children in an open environment may be the best way to overcome shyness for any child because it puts her into situations where she has to maintain contact and carry on conversations.

Shyness is a common issue at Montessori Kindergarten in Agoura Hills, but it is also a problem that the classroom is uniquely suited to help with. Being immersed in a group of children in her same age group provides your daughter with plenty of examples and scenarios of how shyness can be overcome.

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