Tuesday, August 10, 2021

4 Simple Ideas for Teaching About Labor Day in Preschool


 In preschool, children learn that Labor Day is the day when workers of all professions are honored for their contributions to society. In practice, it is also used to celebrate advances in employment conditions such as the growth of unions, the 40-hour workweek, and workplace benefits. Some of the concepts associated with the day may be difficult for small kids, but you can teach them the basics and celebrate Labor Day in your own way.

  1. A Day At The Beach
    Having an imaginary preschool day at the beach is a fun way to learn about the fun part of Labor Day. A sandbox decorated with some seashells and the tools needed to make a sandcastle begins the festivities, but you can also supplement that with a small beach umbrella, some lemonade, and a festive treat like snow cones or popcorn.

  2. Choosing Occupations
    Beneath the beach and backyard celebrations, Labor Day is a celebration of the working class and all they do to keep their communities operating smoothly. Have the class children choose jobs they would like to perform for the classroom community and spend a few days playing the part of a community workforce.

  3. Featured Professions
    Parents have a huge variety of jobs, and children always enjoy hearing about people’s occupational work lives. You can also invite community leaders, firemen, police, doctors, or other local professions, but keep in mind that even “minor” occupations serve a vital role in the area, and job presentations should reflect the real community.

  4. Facts About Labor Day
    Learning the history and details of Labor Day is the most direct method of teaching about the holiday. Trivial bits like Labor Day falling on the first Monday of September, or the fact that it was first established in 1894 and is one of President Grover Cleveland’s biggest legacies while in the White House may not stick the first time children hear them, but getting the information available at an early age will make it easier later.

Celebrating the workforce is what Labor Day is all about, and teaching kids to honor the day by learning all about jobs and why we have them is perfect for the preschool environment. Labor Day is a day for the people, and children need to learn why it was created.