Wednesday, May 12, 2021

How Are Montessori Teacher Roles Different Than Traditional Schools?

Private Kindergarten
Authentic Montessori private kindergartens are built around the observations and methods first introduced by Maria Montessori. Montessori teachers, commonly referred to as guides, are certified in the Montessori Method, a unique, hands-on approach to education. To illustrate, it is a good idea to understand how Montessori teacher roles differ from traditional educator roles.


The first role of a Montessori teacher is to observe the private kindergarten children in her care. She is tasked with becoming familiar with the developmental level of each child so that she can incorporate activities and lessons individually. Where a traditional teacher’s role is to present a predetermined course load, Montessori teachers tailor each child’s lessons around that specific child’s development and abilities.

The Prepared Environment

A traditional classroom employs standard texts that are often outdated and irrelevant to developing the child’s emotional, physical and academic abilities. A Montessori teacher is responsible for maintaining an engaging and carefully arranged classroom using activities and materials carefully chosen for their multilateral application in the classroom. Montessori resources can be applied in different ways to accommodate different learning abilities and lesson goals.

Dynamic Course Planning

Because each child learns at a different pace, the Montessori teacher is responsible for maintaining an ever-changing curriculum. Through observation and communication, the teacher plans lessons that are tailored to appeal to and engage children in specific ways.

Matching Lessons To Development

In a traditional learning environment, all children in the class work on the same lessons at the same time without regard to the actual child. In Montessori, education takes a more natural path where children may be working at different academic and physical levels every day.

Individual Motivation

Montessori teachers work hard to keep children motivated and interested. She does this by observing the children and noting which ones need a little more time on specific tasks and allowing those who are ready to move on to new concepts and activities.

Montessori teachers undergo intensive training to fill their roles. They are certified in the specifics of the Montessori Method and how it benefits each child independently. She is familiar with the resources at her disposal and the psychology behind their use.