Saturday, May 1, 2021

3 Fun Ways To Use Montessori Language Objects in Private Kindergarten

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Your child’s Montessori private kindergarten uses a range of concrete objects to teach children everything from math and practical life skills to language, vocabulary, and reading. Language objects can be almost anything, from toys to tableware and yard tools. Used in conjunction with flashcards or other printed materials, these objects give children an enjoyable way to learn under the guise of playing, an aspect of education that lies at the root of the Montessori philosophy.

Language Objects Defined

About anything can be a private kindergarten language object. Small toys are commonly used as language objects, giving children a visual clue to the nature of an object. While naming these objects, children learn to recognize the word used for that object and explore how that word can be incorporated into everyday conversation and writing.

  1. The Animal Kingdom - From farm animals to exotic wildlife, children are intrigued by the animal kingdom. Using Montessori miniatures of different animals, your child can explore the world’s fauna, learn how to pronounce animal names, and discover more about animal habitats and behavior. Tactile information offers children a simple way to learn how to recognize animals as they discover the amazing variety of life found all over the globe.

  2. Around the House - Every room of your home contains objects that can be named and explored. Children begin by learning to recognize objects and pronounce their names, but the activity also includes learning practical life experiences such as how to stir with a spoon, cut with a knife, sweep, rake, dig, and build.

  3. Community and the Larger World - No matter where your child goes, there will be objects that can be part of the game of learning language skills. By exploring the home or community, children can discover new things and use those objects to enhance both their vocabulary and skills such as the relationship between objects.

Language objects can be anything. The idea is to be able to identify objects, say their names, and learn about the ways things work. Maria Montessori recognized that the world is full of opportunities to learn, and language objects are an initial introduction to a broad view of the world we inhabit.