Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Your Child First - Why This Matters in Daycare

Your Child First - Why This Matters in Daycare - Daycare - Montessori Fremont

For children, the daycare years are a critical developmental time. From fine motor skills to language skills, your child is an empty vessel that needs a constant influx of information. Emotional development is part of the process as well, including a personal sense of worth and ability. In the Montessori daycare environment, a whole-child approach to education includes these factors as well as practical life skills that promote social structure and independence.

Child Centric

Just as your entire world revolves around your children, your daycare should be focused on providing the best educational tools and a proven educational doctrine. From child-sized furniture to self-correcting activities, the Montessori classroom is designed with children as the focal point that everything else revolves around. Children learn to make independent choices as they play or use carefully designed educational ”toys.”

Social Skills

To be successful, children need to absorb the rules of social interaction. These are not traits they are born with, but the daycare years are an ideal time to begin learning them. Grace and courtesy play an important part in a child’s social education, teaching her such valuable lessons as taking turns, asking permission, and sharing toys or activities. By picking up the basics of social etiquette at an early age, the daycare can give your child first-hand experience for more successful interactions.

Choosing Your Daycare

The daycare you choose for your child will have a tremendous impact on how well your child performs throughout her education. A daycare that puts the child first and focuses on teaching subjects that benefit her personal development is your best option. To find a daycare you are comfortable with, do your research, read parent reviews, and set aside the time to visit different daycares and witness how the children and staff interact.

A daycare should care about your child first, and introduce lessons that help your child develop self-esteem and personal responsibility at an early age. This will give your child the advantage of a healthy sense of confidence and the encouragement to pursue education as a source of exciting discovery and accomplishment.