Monday, July 15, 2019

Summer Tips For Parents With Kids Who Get Bored Easily

In the Montessori elementary school, a child’s display of boredom is often a lack of ideas for fun activities. The intent is there but the child is having difficulty processing options to arrive at something to occupy his time and mind, and the same is true of the summertime blues. Interjecting some ideas and guidance will help keep the boredom at bay and encourage your child to be more active and keep his mind busy during those hot summer days.

Weekday Getaways

If possible, plan for weekly trips to various locations. Talk to the staff and parents at your child’s Montessori elementary school about any museums offer free admission days, or go for strolls through historic buildings. Exploring state and local parks will pique your child’s curiosity, providing him with material to act on when he is looking for ideas at home.

Science in the Kitchen

Helping out in the kitchen is both educational and exciting. Measuring and cooking teaches how simple ingredients can be transformed into new things and kitchen items can be used for a host of experiments ranging from making elastic chicken bones with vinegar to discovering how tinted ice cubes have their coloration distributed as they melt in a glass of water. Best of all, the kitchen is a focal point for most meals, creating countless opportunities for answering questions, teaching kitchen concepts, and cooking projects that are often as tasty as they are enjoyable.

Books and Stories

Going to storytime is always exciting, but the concept can be used at home as well. Dedicate a shelf on the family bookcase solely for the favorite books of your kids and ask them to choose a different story at naptime, before bed, or any time your child begins to feel a little bored. You can even encourage children to make up story adventures of their own and engage them with questions about the characters, their actions, and the underlying lessons the stories teach. It is not your responsibility to keep children busy every moment of the day, but setting aside a few hours a week and making sure your kids feel included will go a long way toward relieving boredom and giving them ideas for ways to pass their idle time.