Sunday, January 20, 2019

Outdoor Winter Fun for Kids of All Ages

Don't let Winter keep your children locked inside. There are plenty of games and hands-on activities for the ice and snow, and those who are lucky enough to live where it doesn’t snow can play regular summer games...albeit in winter attire.

Snow Creations

From snow angels to forts and people made of snow, you can build all sorts of things out of snow. Everyone needs to wear warm, weatherproof gloves or mittens, and dress appropriately for the temperature, but making snow creations can be hours of fun. The ease of creating things out of snow makes it a perfect medium for games and playtime projects.

Sleds and Skates

Winter freezes create excellent terrain for sledding down a few slopes or spending some time on ice. The youngest children may be limited to sleds, but putting blades to the ice is great for most children and their parents. The benefits of sleds and skates include building stamina, improving coordination, and learning the physics of movement on ice.

Snow Golf

Press some plastic buckets - the type a child would use for sandcastles - down into the snow and then hand out colored balls to the children. You can choose the object of the game, such as getting all of the balls into one container, or only one per bucket, but the fun can last indefinitely.

Follow the Snowprints

Let one person be the leader, and make a path through the snow. Everyone else tries to follow the leader, only putting their feet where holes already exist. This game requires no special equipment and can be hilariously fun to play.

Your children need to be active all year long, regardless of what the weather does. Playing outside for short periods is not going to hurt them, and it will help build stamina, coordination, and a familiarity with the dynamics of playing in the snow or own the ice. At the Montessori School of Fremont, our teachers incorporate hands-on activities into daily learning and encourage children to be creative.  To learn more about the Montessori Method, contact us today.

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