Sunday, January 20, 2019

Montessori Philosophy: Creating Life-Long Learners

Montessori philosophy is a special way to educate children by immersing them in activities and experiences which teach fine motor control, self-expression, and encourages children to explore topics they are interested in. As Montessori educators, our goal is to prepare children for a lifetime of learning rather than a few hours of instruction.

Hands-On Learning

One way Montessori encourages children to keep learning is by giving them direct access to tools and toys which teach them as they play. Studies have shown that children are still learning while playing with toys, and Maria Montessori regarded immersive learning as the key to successful education. Whether your child is developing fine motor skills or learning biology with planted vegetables, hands-on projects are the key to success.

Self-Paced Education

The Montessori Method does not dictate when a child should master any particular subject. Children freely move about the classroom during the day, working at different activities as they feel inclined to do so. The sense of self-control gives kids a sense of power over their own actions and helps them learn personal responsibility.

Social Involvement

There is an age range of 3 years in Montessori classrooms, a practice once common in all schools, but no longer applied in public school settings. These differences work to further learning and curiosity, as younger children learn from older ones and work together to accomplish independent goals on joint projects. Building a sense of confidence and achievement drives ambition and a desire to learn and do even more.

Development is nurtured in a progressive approach which blends the educational process into a continuous experience. Every step of the way, Montessori teachers at the Montessori School of Flagstaff Westside Campus inspire a love of learning and rely on the personal drive of the children carry that forward through their lives.  To learn more about the Montessori Method, contact us today.

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