Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Financial Planner: Key Skills you will Learn through ENMU's Financial Planning Certificate Program

Financial Planning is an exciting and growing field. For those interested in finance and interested in a career helping others improve their finances, or if you are currently working in accounting, banking, insurance or investments and want to jump start your career, becoming a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) may be a great choice for you. When you successfully complete the Certified Financial Planning examination you will be well-positioned for a high paying career in finance. Eastern New Mexico University's Financial Planning Certificate Program will teach you many key skills that you will leverage as you enter the next stage of your career.

Analyzing risk for clients
Financial planning requires creating strategies that allow clients to reach their financial goals while accounting for both known and unknown costs. Learning how to assess business risks is an important skill for any financial planner. You will learn from ENMU’s experienced business faculty and staff how to analyze and model business risks and create risk mitigation plans through business practices, capitalization, and insurance. You will learn how to navigate each of these areas and develop actionable plans, including specific types of insurance applicable to each situation.

Retirement Planning
Each individual that a financial planner works with will need to plan for their retirement. ENMU's Financial Planning Certificate program will teach you how to assess a client’s retirement goals through multiple factors, including desired retirement age, retirement lifestyle, anticipated income, and other goals that may include supporting or providing inheritance to family members. You will learn the skills needed to develop an investment plan with the appropriate risk profile for your client to help them build the wealth needed for their retirement.

Developing a complete financial plan for Clients
Creating a financial plan is a composite of many financial and client-related skills. However, putting all of these skills together to develop a financial plan and manage that process is a culminating experience that prepares students for their future careers. ENMU’s capstone course, Personal Financial Planning, helps students put together the skills they have learned in previous courses to create a complete financial plan. These skills you develop throughout the program will help prepare you for the Certified Financial Planning® Examination and your new career as a financial planner.

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