Friday, May 25, 2018

What to Expect: Courses in the BFA Design Degree from ENMU

It is an exciting journey on your way to becoming a graphic designer. Here are a few things to expect as a graphic design student working toward your bachelor's degree at Eastern New Mexico University. ENMU's Bachelor of Fine Arts - Design modern facilities feature state-of-the-art computer labs with 50 iMacs, loaded with the latest design software like Adobe Creative Cloud, which includes video editing, photo editing, and design apps, as well as 3D modeling and animation software programs. Additionally, ENMU's production facilities include a large green screen for filming, a darkroom, a video editing room, and many well-lit studio workspaces.

Graphic Design and Typography
There are several courses that cover the essential content of graphic design and typography. These include Graphic Design I, II, History of Graphic Design, and Typography. Here you will learn the language and toolset of graphic designers. Explore, discuss, and implement all the visual considerations that go into making a font and well-placed, readable words in typography. You will learn and practice utilizing the tools of a graphic designer, including several applications in Adobe's Creative Cloud such as Photoshop and Illustrator.

Web Design
In Web Design courses, learn about the elements that make web design possible. This includes learning about HTML, CSS, and Javascript, and how each of these languages specify what a browser renders on a users' screen. In addition to learning the programming languages that deliver web pages, learn web design best practices such as page layout, button design, and other on-page elements. This can also extend to begin learning about how to design great user experiences.

Digital Editing and Motion Graphics
These classes will teach you how to create stunning videos. Video editing and effects software tools today have incredible capabilities. Digital Editing and Motion Graphics courses include learning about video editing techniques such as transitions and sound mixing, and extends to animation techniques. From transitions to keyframes, these classes will provide you a foundation in editing and motion graphics that can propel you on your journey in graphic design.

Eastern New Mexico University offers dedicated faculty who are committed to academic excellence and emphasize liberal learning, freedom of inquiry and cultural diversity. With affordable tuition and flexible course schedules, ENMU offers an education that fits your lifestyle and puts your career goals within reach. Visit the ENMU website to learn more about how Eastern New Mexico University can help you be successful.

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