Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Boost Early Reading Comprehension With Simple Pre-Reading Activities

Developing strong reading comprehension skills is crucial for children, even in daycare. Pre-reading activities can play a significant role in enhancing comprehension and building a foundation for future reading success. For daycare children, incorporating simple pre-reading activities can make learning engaging and fun. Consider these 5 pre-reading activities that will boost early reading comprehension in daycare children.

Picture Walks

Before reading a book or story, take a "picture walk" with your Montessori daycare child. Flip through the pages, focusing on the illustrations, and ask open-ended questions about what they see. Encourage them to describe the characters, objects, or events depicted in the pictures. This activity stimulates imagination, builds vocabulary, and prepares children for the story they are about to read.

Storytelling and Puppetry

Bring stories to life through interactive storytelling and puppetry. Use props, puppets, or finger puppets to act out the story while engaging the daycare children. Encourage them to participate, ask questions, and make predictions about the story's plot or characters. This activity fosters active listening, language skills, and comprehension as children visually and audibly connect with the story.

Vocabulary Exploration

Introduce new vocabulary words related to the story or theme before reading. Use props or flashcards to visually represent the words and engage the children in discussions about their meanings. Encourage them to use the words in sentences or relate them to their own experiences. This activity expands their vocabulary, supports word recognition, and aids in understanding the story's context.

Story Retelling

After reading a story, encourage the daycare children to retell the story in their own words. Provide prompts or visual aids to help them recall key events, characters, or settings. This activity strengthens comprehension, sequencing skills, and memory recall. It also promotes creativity as children express their understanding of the story through their own interpretations.

Rhyme and Word Play

Engage daycare children in playful pre-reading activities that focus on rhymes, wordplay, or word recognition. Sing nursery rhymes, play rhyming games, or use word puzzles to encourage children to recognize and manipulate sounds and letters. This activity enhances phonemic awareness, letter recognition, and prepares children for decoding words when they begin reading independently.

Pre-reading activities are essential for boosting early reading comprehension in daycare children. By incorporating picture walks, storytelling and puppetry, vocabulary exploration, story retelling, and rhyme and wordplay, daycare providers and parents can create a rich learning environment that fosters language development, comprehension skills, and a love for reading.

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