Friday, February 25, 2022

4 Healthy Montessori Daycare Snacks That Children Love

Healthy snacks are encouraged in your child's Montessori daycare. This means that things like sugary treats are discouraged, but sweet treats like fruit or fun taste sensations are great. We have selected these 4 daycare snacks with a focus on nutritional value and appeal to children of all ages.

DIY Snacks

The snacks presented here were chosen because they can be prepared at home from fresh ingredients. More importantly, these snacks can also be used as practical life experiences for your children. Allowing children to help prepare snacks is one way to teach valuable life lessons, promote the development of fine motor skills, and encourage critical thinking.

  1. Banana Slices

Bananas are excellent snacks for daycare children. They are easy to manipulate with small hands, taste great, and clean up easily afterward. A small bowl with round slices of banana is a healthy and exciting option for snack time.

  1. Cheese Bites

Cheese comes in many flavors, colors, and textures, and cheese is a favorite among small kids. By mixing cubes of a few favorite varieties of cheese, your kids will experience a taste explosion. Plain crackers make a good complementary item for daycare cheese samplers.

  1. Citrus Segments

All types of citrus can be easily peeled and divided into segments for easy consumption. You may need to de-seed the segments before putting them in a resealable bowl or plastic bag, but citrus is an excellent snack, and at least one type of citrus will appeal to every child.

  1. Celery Sticks

Celery sticks are a crunchy, tasteful treat that is easy to prepare and fun to eat.  Celery sticks can be topped with peanut butter or cream or cottage cheese, or dipped into ranch or other delicious sauces. Eating celery is also good for developing teeth and digestive systems.

Healthy, exciting snacks make snack time a fun time in your child's daycare. eating nutritious foods that fuel them for the rest of the day should be an enjoyable experience, and participating in making their own snacks gives a little extra flavor to every mouthful.

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