Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Family Circle Games You Can Do at Home

Montessori Preschool Chatsworth
Circle games are a staple of early education programs and schools. The Montessori preschool in Chatsworth uses circle games in its hands-on curriculum to entertain children while building communication skills. You can use circle games at home to introduce your preschooler to extended family or new friends, or as an icebreaker.

The Telephone Game

Recommended number of players: 6-15

This is an all-time classic that you’ve likely played a few times, even as an adult. The more participants you have, the more entertaining the game, making this perfect for large gatherings. Have everybody gather in a circle, then assign one person to come up with a simple sentence. They’ll whisper it into the ear of the person next to them, who will whisper it to the next person, and so on. The final person will report the sentence out loud.

The Telephone Movement Game

Recommended number of players: 6-10

Similar to the classic Telephone Game, this one is ideal if everybody in your circle is able bodied. Instead of passing a sentence around, the circle will pass a string of movements. The first person will perform one movement. The second will perform the same movement—then add another movement.

Each subsequent person will add another movement until you reach the final person. See if they can replicate the entire pattern. The trick is that nobody can practice the movements ahead of time. Everybody has to use their visual memory.

21 Double Bounce

Recommended number of players: 4-15

This circle game is most appropriate for children who’ve mastered counting. Have the circle count starting from one in a clockwise motion. If someone says only one number, counting continues in the same direction. If someone says two numbers consecutively, the counting changes direction. The person who counts “21” must leave the circle for the next round. Anyone who counts out of sequence or doesn’t change direction is also out. The last person out is the winner.

Guess That Voice

Recommended number of players: 5-15

A fun game for all ages, have everyone stand in a circle, then send one person to stand in the middle blindfolded. Have the circle rotate for several seconds, then have someone in the circle make the sound of an animal. The blindfolded person has to guess who made the sound. If the group doesn’t know each other by name, the blindfolded person can open their eyes. Make sure the circle rotates once more so the blindfolded person can’t rely on the approximate direction of the sound.

Take the games outdoors if the weather is good

April weather fluctuates between cool and warm, ideal temperatures for outdoor family gatherings. Set up a BBQ or picnic table at the park and have your preschooler spread out with the rest of the family, enjoying the weather and each other’s presence. After the games, browse the internet for spring-time activities your preschooler can do at home by themselves. They might want to recoup their social energy after a day outdoors with the family.