Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Top 5 Exciting Ways to Learn About December Holidays

In Montessori preschool Chatsworth children learn about the holidays, but you will have a lot of time to build on those lessons during the holidays. Even more importantly, practicing lessons that have already been learned keeps them fresh in your child’s mind, and that benefits her when she goes back to school in January. Here are 5 popular ways to teach about the holidays at home in an exciting and inclusive manner. 

 Christmas Carols - Whether you sing at home as a family unit, or participate in caroling adventures in the community, singing songs about the holidays will help your preschooler continue learning the Montessori method. It is also an excellent way to encourage public speaking and give your children a taste of holidays outside of the home. 

Making Decorations - Holiday decorations can be anything from a drawing to handmade ornaments for the tree or windowsill. The act of making decorations is good for fine motor control and having decorations prominently displayed is a source of personal empowerment important for developing minds. 

Important December Days - From Rosa Parks Day and Beethoven’s birthday to Christmas and New Year’s Eve, December has a lot of important days to learn about. Use each day as a chance to learn something new, from diversity to music, to grace and courtesy. 

Holidays Around The World - Christmas is celebrated differently all over the world. Spending a few days exploring Christmas in different cultures is exciting and educational. You can even try dressing the way they do in other countries to add a touch of realism to the fun. 

Giving and Sharing - The act of giving something to others makes us feel good about ourselves. Set up a daily “giving” routine so your child can keep those great feelings going. It can’t be all about giving, though, so make sure you have a few surprise items to give your children as the days go by. 

It is important that you continue to stimulate your child’s curiosity through the holidays so that she will be ready for the return of school. Activities and events that teach about the holidays are great for that purpose, teaching her about the larger world she lives in and giving her an opportunity to be included in the home at the same time.