Thursday, October 10, 2019

Educational Websites for Montessori Elementary Children

educational-website-Montessori Fremont

The world opens up for Montessori elementary school children, and the discovery does not have to end in the classroom. While there are few websites designed specifically for Montessori students, there are quite a few excellent educational sites which include Montessori-style play-based learning.

PBS Kids

Designed specifically for young children, this website connects children with popular PBS children’s shows through interactive games, activities, and much more. The colorful characters are perfect for smaller kids, while older Montessori elementary school children will be excited to interact with and learn from their favorite characters.


Established and funded by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, this website is “made with, by, and for kids.” The interactive map allows children to explore the museum and discover cultural treasures from around the world and across time.

National Geographic Kids

A long-time favorite publication and television experience, this website provides children with their own world of discovery, play, and experience. Topics include everything from animals to science activities, designed to enthrall young minds.

The Kidz Page

This site is all about kidz and education. Coloring, games, videos, puzzles, and much more are available from this website that is intended for children to use with moderate adult assistance. There are also special categories for holidays so that kids can quickly access materials for timely activities.


Montessori elementary school kids will enjoy the wide variety of videos, games, and books available on FunBrain. The site also includes special web-based shows and animations that are not available through mainstream websites. The site is broken down into designated grade levels ranging from 1st grade through high school. We live in a digital world where children who learn proficiency with digital devices are able to develop the skills necessary for real-world applications. Teaching your children how to use webpages and discovery the variety they hold is an important step in preparing them for life in the digital age.