Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Introducing Yoga and Meditation to your Child

It is never to soon to introduce your kids to yoga and meditation. Not only are they great for childhood development, they also provide a great opportunity for families to come together. Morning calisthenics or evening meditation routines are beneficial for everyone in the family. Just as Montessori extends to life at home, yoga and meditation work best when it is a consistent part of the daily routine.

Mental Benefits of Mindfulness

Meditation and yoga have been shown to benefit mental development in several ways. They teach self-control along with building focus and concentration. Other benefits include improved memory functions, emotional management, and abstract thinking. Channeling thoughts and impulses into purposeful activity is beneficial for certain disorders, including ADD and ADHD. Meditation helps build self-confidence, tolerance, and longer attention span.

Physical Benefits of Yoga

Exercise and mental focus go well together. Simple yoga exercises help young children develop motor control and a better understanding of how mental processes affect muscular activity. Stretching exercises and mental focus make an excellent game for preschoolers, building balance, range of movement, and fine motor skills. Combine body movements with other educational activities and encourage awareness of movement.

Practice as a Family

Children learn from what they see their parents do. Observing you meditating or exercising encourages your children to do the same. Talk about emotions, problem-solving, and using physical activity as an outlet. Understanding that our actions affect both mood and performance is a critical part of personal development the whole family can take part in.

Meditation in Montessori

Montessori education is about teaching the entire child, body and mind. Activities which combine physical and mental activities such as yoga are well-suited for the Montessori classroom, where aerobic activities increase stamina, coordination, and empathy. The goal is a child in harmony with themselves and the world they live in, balanced and capable.

Because it applies to different parts of childhood development, yoga and meditation work well in our Montessori classrooms. You will find the principles in our Montessori School of Fremont classrooms incorporated into other activities and play-based learning. To learn more about the Montessori Method, please attend an upcoming Open House Event or contact us today.

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