Opening of registration: 20.06.2011
End of registration: 20.10.2011
Deadline for submissions of abstracts: 10.10.2011
Deadline for registration at reduced fee: 21.07.2011

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We would like to present a live stream from the ASEPS Summit 2011 speeches and working groups. The agenda of the transmisions is up to date with the agenda of the conference. If you lost the transmission, please refresh the page.

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The latest ASEPS Summit 2011 agenda is available to download. Please visit this link  to download the file.

Registration for the conference is closed

Please notice that since today the ASEPS registration list has been closed.



On the first day of the conference, the organizer will provide a free bus transport for the event guests from Regional Centre for Business Tourism to the Market Square, where the Welcome Reception is planned.

The ASEPS 2011 Summit will be held in Regional Centre for Business Tourism in Wroclaw, Poland. More detailed informaiton about the conference place you will find in Venue tab on our website.

Regional Centre for Business Tourism in Wroclaw

fot. Kamil Czaja.


Polish scientific magazine "Scientific Magazine - Świat Nauki" in its latest edition for October published an article about the ASEPS Summit 2011. It's a pleasure for us to be noticed by such a reputable magazine.

Scan of article in "Scientific American - Świat Nauki"


This may be the beginning of a great breakthrough in the physics world. Researchers at CERN laboratories have found that neutrino particles can travel faster than light. This discovery may be one of the most interesting topics during the ASEPS conference. 


We would like to announce that the deadline for ASEPS abstract submissions was changed to 20th of October.


We are proud to announce that ASEPS Summit 2011 is supported by Polish embassies in Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Germany, Denmark, India, Israel, Switzerland, Portugal, Georgia and United Kingdom. Polish diplomats from this institutions sent out information about ASEPS conference to local academic communities. We would also like to remain that ASEPS is an event organized as a part of Polish Presidency in European Union 2011.


It's only one month left for the ASEPS registration deadline. If you're interested in participating in this great event of world physicis, please visit the Registration Form tab on our website.


We would like to announce that we've changed the name of our Facebook fanpage. Now it's available on


In the Programme tab you may find latest updates of ASEPS 2011 Summit agenda.


We would like to remain that since 21st July the ASEPS Summit 2011 board fee is 150 Euro. Please remember about this amount if you plan to attend the ASEPS conference.


We are still negotiating the discounts in sample hotels which we recommend in Accomodation tab. Please take a look, which Wroclaw hotels have prepared special offer for potential ASEPS guests.


Lot of photographs, important information, useful links and much more - that's all what is waiting for you on ouf official Facebook fanPage. Join us and like our page!

Interested in particpating in ASEPS Summit and looking for a hotel or hostel in Wroclaw? We prepared for you two maps of hotels and hostels which we reccommend for ASEPS guests. Please visit the Accommodation tab and take a journey to our maps.

We are pleased to announce that sponsor of ASEPS Summit 2011 is Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education.


We added a information about hostels in Wroclaw. We believe that it will be useful especially for students interested in participating in ASEPS Summit 2011. You'll find it in the Accommodation tab.

Please visit also the Programme tab - we updated the conference agenda.


We added a information about hostels in Wroclaw. We believe that it will be useful especiallyu for students interested in participating in ASEPS Summit 2011. You'll find it in the Accommodation tab. Now you can easily download links from ASEPS website to your mobile devices with a QR Codes. Please remember that barcode scanner is required to use this option.


Since 1st July, Poland for the next six months takes over the Presidency ofjj the European Union. We would kindly like to remind that ASEPS Summit 2011, scheduled for the autumn, is covered by the patronage of the Polish presidency of the EU. ASEPS Summit 2011 is also one of the events planned due to Polish presidency.


In 2016 Wroclaw - host of ASEPS 2011 Summit - will be European Capital of Culture. The jury found the application of our city as the best and the five years the capital of Lower Silesia, will become the cultural heart of Europe. Wroclaw efforts to gain European Capital of Culture2016 title were supported by the Wrocław Research Centre EIT+, organizer of ASEPS Summit 2011.

Determining the choice of European Capital of Culture 2016 jury deliberations were held on Tuesday (21 June) in Warsaw Baths. Polish capital was one of the cities competing for the title of Wroclaw, along with Gdańsk, Katowice and Lublin.

The jury chaired, by the Austrian Manfred Gaulhofer of the European Commission, considered that the application of Lower Silesia capitol was the best of all presented and decided that in five years Wroclaw will proudly served as the European Capital of Culture 2016. Members of the jury committee praised efforts in the revitalization of the city, and also noticed a steadily growing economy and cultural infrastructure of Wroclaw.

Wroclaw Research Centre EIT+ covered the title of patron of the academic and scientific endeavors of city's application for European Capital of Culture 2016 award. Congratulations to everyone involved in the project "Wroclaw - European Capital of Culture 2016" and also of Wroclaw citizens!


In this link you will find all information about ASEPS Summit 2011 abstract submission. In the registration form, we have added several fields about abstract.


We have launched official fanpage of ASEPS Summit 2011 on Facebook. Please enter this link and give a "like it" our page. 

In the Accommodation tab you'll find new and useful information about Wroclaw public transport - buses and streetcars, including those driving to the Regional Centre of Business Tourism - ASEPS deliberations place. 


We have opened our official profile on Twitter. Plase follow us to get all information about ASEPS 2011 Summit. You may also contact us by Twitter if you have any questions about this great event. Link to our Twitter profile you will find on the left of our website, in the Follow us box.

We also have prepared there an Evernote app icon. If you use this application, now you'll be able to easy clip links about ASEPS 2011 Summit from our website to your Evernote account.


We have launched the ASEPS Summit 2011 registration form. Now you can acess to participate in the conference. Before you fill the form, please read all information published above the form.


We have launched the box "Photos from Wroclaw" in the left column of each page of ASEPS website. You will find photographs of Wroclaw - the capital of Lower Silesia, host of the ASEPS conference and also one of the most beatiful cities in Central Eastern Europe. All photos were taken by Stanislaw Klimek (all rights reserved). 


Within next few days we should launch the registration form for the ASEPS 2011 Summit. Please visit our website to register for this great event of world physics. 


Layout of the ASEPS 2011 conference official website was refreshed. We hope that the changes will make the service more readable and user friendly.

Older version of ASEPS 2011 website:


We have updated Accommodation section. You will find there useful information about Wroclaw hotels, taxi services, public transportation and driving maps from Wroclaw Copernicus Airport and city's main railway station. 


We have updated Pressroom section. You will find there press releases about the idea and the genesis of the ASEPS 2011 Summit and its official agenda.


In the Programme section you will find the updated agenda of ASEPS 2011 Summit.

ASEPS 2011 agenda


ASEPS Conference will be held at the Regional Centre for Business Tourism in Wrocław. On the Venue section of our website you will find information about the center, as well as useful information about Wroclaw (map, photos, official city pages on Facebook and YouTube) - the conference host and one of the most beautiful cities in Central and Eastern Europe.

Informations about Regional Centre for Business Tourism and Wroclaw


European Physical Society, in cooperation with three physical societies from Poland, Germany and France is organising "Asia-Europe Physics Summit". The conference will be held on 26-29.10.2011 in Wroclaw, Poland.

Wroclaw Research Centre EIT+ is an organizational partner of the event.

The First Asia-Europe Physics Summit (ASEPS) was held in Tsukuba, March 24-26, 2010. More than 200 participants from 30 countries attended. 100 posters and more than 50 talks and addresses were presented.

More information about first edition of ASEPS

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